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1970 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

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Hi guys.

This Cadillac is a Page Resin kit. The cast was very good but needed some prep. Originally looking more like a regular DeVille series, I've turned and built it into the Fleetwood series, with lower body trims added, a matching interior and a "Brougham-ish" upholstery. Definitely one of my favourite Cadillac in my collection.






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14 hours ago, realgone58 said:

Just beautiful! I've now got to get one! How did you do the pattern on the seats? Looks perfect. 

Hi Alan, Thanks ! I've found on internet an image of a Cadillac upholstery that I have modified and printed in the colour I wanted to fit the overall interior colour. ;)


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16 hours ago, MrObsessive said:

FLAWLESS conversion! I like this MUCH better than the two door hardtop Johan made!

Hi Bill ! Thank you very much ! Still some flaws though :P I completely forgot to sand the script Cadillac on the trunk before painting cause there are none on the Fleetwood version, and the A pillars shouldn't be covered by vinyle. Next one I'll correct that ! :rolleyes:

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That's a very clean Cadillac, nice work! Great to see these unusual subjects being built, especially when they're done this well. The color is perfect choice and paint job looks really good too. I also like the interior upholstery pattern a lot. Very nicely done Cadillac.

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