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Stars and Stripes Greenwood Corvette Sebring 1971


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Stars and Stripes Greenwood/Smothers Corvette Sebring 1971

Scott Kercher built this model from the Revell kit 85-2825.  Scott is a real sticker for accuracy and realism in his models.

After extensive research Scott made the following changes to the Revell kit documented in his build sheet.

For the body he added a spoiler under the front, driving lights on front, re-profiled rear flairs and added small flairs on the front fenders. Opened the gas tank flap, no parking or back-up lights, no chrome plate holder on rear, no chrome taillight bezels, no emblems and moved the top back 1/16 to fit with duct tape across the top of the windshield.  The turn signals in the grill were drilled out as well.


For the interior he used a new steering wheel and column, full roll bar cage, new shifter and console delete, new dash, add p/e seatbelt for the driver’s seat. He added a fire bottle in the passenger foot well, cut out rear deck for the roll bar, and used a stock Corvette passenger seat.


Externally Scott used bigger side pipes, HRM Minilites, removed the spare and added a large gas tank, 2 number recognition lights on both doors and Corvair engine fan brake extractors.   He lowered the front suspension by making new coil springs.


For the engine compartment, he added an oil cooler, oil filter, and wiring along with some fine screen around the carb filter. Deleted the fan, put an expansion tank on the passenger side firewall and added the roll bar hoops in the engine compartment with an open battery box on the passenger side.


5c521369a4e2a_Corvette_BFG_2306(1).JPG.1f4db9b4121362851f138b3359756189.JPG oil filter and wiring along 


The paint is Krylon white, and the beautiful Cartograph decals fit much better than he thought they would!  The Goodyear tire stencils are by Replica and Miniatures of Maryland.



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5 hours ago, FabbricaP said:

Awesome build, the realism is outstanding. The duct tape on the headlights looks perfect? Do you know what Scott used for this?


Scott responded: "The duct tape is made by Detail Master, it's like bmf only a little thicker and has an gray finish."

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