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Friends, I like to build models in some subjects such as Lowriders, Hot Rods, Kustoms, muscles.

But now I intend to build a Pro Street. I was looking for the Internet for some draw that could explain where to connect each components, what binds with what an so on. But without success.

Somebody please could help me with some clear and easy schema.. draw...anything!!!

Some like this will help a lot!!! I made it... it's a basic schema to get a V8 wired and plumbed.

It is in Portuguese, but speeches by itself!





I know the components are different from a "common" Street V8.. after all, a Pro Street its made to get fast very fast….so, its obvious that more power and durability are needed! What are those wires coming up from injector scoop's side???? Which are the changes in meaning of mechanical components, wiring, plumbing… An oil sump exits in both schemas, but are they equal (format e position)? No/Yes? I don't know… so.. tips like this... that would help to not miss anything or make critical mistakes are welcome!!!

Thanks in advance guys! B)

(sorry for the possible grammatical mistakes)

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In my opinion, Pro Street is basically a term for a street car that "resembles" the Pro Stock class in drag racing.......The basic "traits" of a pro-street car are.....narrowed rearend..tubbed wheel wells in the back...huge "steam-roller" tires.....etc. etc...........It seems to me that the 80's were really the height of the pro-street craze, but I personally think that the look is timeless..... :o .....As far as motors are concerned, pro-street cars have anything from a mildly built small block all the way up to a radically built big-block with everything in between..now if you intend on putting a pro-stock type motor into a pro-street type car, I'm sure there are plenty of reference photos/diagrams on the net, that would give you your answers.. ...It's pretty much up to you when it comes to a pro-street build....I'm a big pro-street fanatic myself, and I've built different degrees of a "pro-street" car.....or what I would consider to be pro-street anyway.... ;) These are just my opinions, and I'm sure you'll get many, many more.......There's lots of helpful folks on here, with tons of experience.................. ;)

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Hi Plastikfreek. Thank you for your comments. In fact, I really don't know exactly the differences between Pro street and pro stock. But at this point, this is not the major point for me…

That's the car that I intend to replicate:


I really dont know if its a Pro Street or Pro Stock... in my mine, is a Pro Street... as you said...

But, the question is… besides these differences, what I really need is to understand what, where and how to build a truly big mill…. With all mechanical components that drag racing cars have… in other words, I need to know all wiring and plumbing for this kind of engine. And unhappily I did not find any diagrams / photos that could give me a real idea how to build it.

That's is the point... ;)


So, I still looking for some help….

Anybody else? Please?

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Dahmmmmmmm!!!!!! :(

That's I'm talking about!!!!

Thank you thank you Ryan!!! Just a question:

I observed that in some configurations, carburetor does not exist…. is it that right?

By the way….

Your models are outstanding!!!! Congratulations! :blink:

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Correct, not all cars use carbs, they use a form of fuel injection.

See all those hoes running just above the blower into the air intake "hat" (the funny black thing on the top of the motor) All those hoses contain fuel, from the fuel pump thats usually located in front of the engine near the crank shaft.

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