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1955 Chevrolet Belair convertible


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Hello everyone, I apologize for my 4 1/2 yr absence but there has been an awful lot that has transpired in my life in this period of time. I have lost both my parents within 18 months of each other spent the last year getting their estate in order and settled, been through another buyout of the health system I work for with the last 6 months having my brain reconditioned for the new position I now have, have had another grandson who is now 18 months and several home projects that my wife of 44 yrs cracked the whip to get done ( happy wife, happy life ) LOL. I did manage to squeeze a few builds in here and there which I will share in the coming weeks, so I will start with the Revell 1955 Belair convertible, painted with testors emerald green metallic and phonetician yellow wIMG_20170107_110508235_HDR.thumb.jpg.e937633a48a9c437b824bcd568a25571.jpgIMG_20161220_103814188_HDR.thumb.jpg.f63ea2f4294a08a69b8bf071cfcbacb2.jpgIMG_20161220_104243825_HDR.thumb.jpg.b240475526163f5c0f4c93bbfed37c1c.jpgIMG_20161220_104345886_HDR.thumb.jpg.67054ee619f247a80a733b8f9ee4ffc3.jpgIMG_20161220_104514446_HDR.thumb.jpg.4f40625f617e0859669c45b7b2489223.jpgIMG_20161220_103622208_HDR.thumb.jpg.cfe4dc1e64ebe0e49687e3bd9c1ba620.jpgIMG_20161220_103841167.thumb.jpg.aca9d50781dde280c6a19451e9f2cff0.jpgIMG_20161220_104610681_HDR.thumb.jpg.1a9aebf1b6949b0ff85f6c1e2109323f.jpg/ wet look clear and rustoleum bright white for the top w/flat clear. Interior was done in craft paints ivory and green, built box stock with BMF. Thank you all for taking time to look!  :)

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