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AMT Red Alert Chevelle

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I just purchased a lot of kits and there was a AMT Red Alert Chevelle in the batch. I inventoried the kit and it is missing the radiator support (shown in the instructions) but the body in the kit has the support molded in. I have searched the internet and every 70-72 chevelle body I could find does not have this piece molded in. Any clue what kit this body is from? There are no numbers or writing molded in the underside of the part. The chassis hood and interior fit perfect.





P1420477 (2).JPG

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That's definitely an AMT body.  The tool that produced the body started out as a 1970, from which the promotional models (and a $1.00 no-engine, no optional parts kit) were manufactured.  The promos and $1 kit would have had that molded-in radiator wall.  The Red Alert kit was run so many times over several years, that for one run someone may have set the tooling up incorrectly putting that radiator wall into the body. 

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