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1976 Cadillac Coupe DeVille by Modelhaus

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Hi guys !

Sharing today an old built, the Cadillac Coupe De Ville 1976 by Modelhaus. As these kits are ultra rare now I just regret to have built it at a time where my skills weren't as good as they are today. I could restore it completely though. I guess this Cadillac's still presentable and worth a few pics here, don't you think ? ...Ah, If only Revell would stop doing Customs and Lowriders to offer more old "stock" american cars !







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Looks great to me!  I love those big '70s cars.

The color combo is also attractive, and white interiors look very elegant.  My 1:1 '85 Eldorado Biarritz has a white interior too.

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Great looking build. Very clean and looking show room fresh. AS for Revell and their low rider reissues, they can be reversed to build a show room model with very little work.  

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Talk about gorgeous! I wanted to get one of these, but sadly I waited too long, and Modelhaus shut their doors. A friend and co-worker of mine,  who passed away three years ago owned the real thing, and I was going to build a replica of his car.

You did an awesome job on that Coupe de Ville! ;)

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Simply Gorgeous! And you did one of my favorite cars of the '70's!

I was fortunate to get this just before Modelhaus shut down their website (the first time) and it's the last complete kit I was able to get from them. Now I'm not sure I'll ever build it for sentimental reasons as they've completely shut down.

I sort of consider this car the last hurrah for Cadillac because while the '77's were not bad cars, they lost something besides their size. They lost that "Cadillacness" which made them stand out for many a year. The Eldo would stick around for another couple years as the big boy, but by '79 it too got the shrink down.

Take a bow on this beauty! I don't think the kit makers will EVER do a full glue kit of this car and if one of these turns up on the 'Bay...........prime your wallet! ;) 


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