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So, I thought I would start another 1:12 Tamiya F1 kit, while I wait for the new WR1 decals to come in...

So, as usual I start with the engine,...This one just kind of fell together...



I added the zip ties to the trans cooler, and the battery tie down.. out of beer can metal.. otherwise OOB excet new Indycal decals


Also the kit black tubing was shot, so will use smaller, softer dia. hose

I would really like to NOT send 4 years on this one. 



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I need to redo the trumpet screens, ..I know

22 hours ago, Kit Basher said:

I wish my models just "fell together" like that!  Looks amazing.

I have been noodling on it for a bit..


22 hours ago, Chris Smith said:

Looks like it fell right into place!

Was it a plumbing nightmare?


Follow the directions as per zip tie locations

I replaced 4 gas injectors with brass wire pins,..in afterthought, I would replace them all, at time of cleanup

I ended up running the kit :"clear fuel tubing,  after soaking in hot water, quite pliable, but....

tried the paint through as orange and white..came out bubbled, then a mix of clear orange and flat white ...never dried,..and still,, the outside was gloss

so,,,I installed the clear lines and flowed thinned Tamiya X -24 over them... on final weathering I will coat them with a flat...

I can not guarantee the correct line flow under the electrics board-_-


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Bruce, first the "Wolf" and now the T4.  We must be similar in age and grew up during the greatest era of F1.  These cars were just fantastic and I'm a big fan of what you're building.  The details and realistic nature of what you've gotten done to date is fantastic.  More please.  Cheers, Tim

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Thank you guys

Thomas Halvarsson in the house,...Thank you, and,...I blame you ;).

Chris Cheers, keep  F1 alive, Gary, I promise to post.. Eric Thank you, Tim, Yep I loved this era F1,.. Daredevils steering big motors B)

I apologize for such an abrupt start to this Topic, I was piddling along on the engine, and all of a sudden it was where it is...anyway


This is the kit, along with new decals from Indycals (Michaels got some stuff), I promised myself 'No more aftermarket' for this one.

My first thought for the drivers compartment and fuel cell was Alclad II chrome, but I find it too fragile, so I Bare Metal Foiled most of it..


Except the back wall of the cell which has a sprayed on  insulation looking stuff on it

Ferrari 312 T4 - Chassis: 038   - 2009 Modena Trackdays

So I masked off the edges and gave the back wall a hefty coat of grey sandable primer and sprinkled white embossing powder into the wet paint


- disregard the bottle of white glue and water -                                did not work

When dry, I spray bombed Light grey Duplicolor, then immediately Duplicolor Silver


Continuing on with the engine, I made up a grime wash and pin washed a bunch of stuff



 Have a great weekend


Back soon



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On 3/9/2019 at 5:37 PM, LaughingIndian said:


Thanks for the recipe Bruce ... it looks great!


Goes well with a single malt..


Added an auxiliary tank for the green hose to go to.. and started on the green hose..it's like the smoking man in the X files,...

I have done a lot of researching for images of where the green line actually leads to,...most of the pics show it nonchalauntly stuffed into the rear wing support, but I needed some closure, so took the p/e I didn't use on the WR1 and shortened the ignition box into a 'something' box for this one5c85ad2a12b82_IMG_6865(700x525).jpg.4e5520cf1825c3552363a7eb369616fe.jpg


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Hey ya ,.I don't really 'weather' anything but the engine,.. and as that goes, just to give it a little greasy look,..

A bit more progress

Just realized I had the exhaust supports reversed,...


so changed those over, and of coarse a dry fit mock up


And continued on the chassis 


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forgot sumpin
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One side of pipes got done,.. I used silly putty stuffed into the manifolds as I dry fit the pipes till they lined up, glued the 3/1 collectors on and held on tight


I'll make a tutorial in a bit...:lol:

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On 3/17/2019 at 6:29 PM, Brudda said:

 Have to love F1. 

Ya Love this era

Smoking along on this one!!!!   thnx Scott

On 3/19/2019 at 6:26 AM, afx said:

Coming along nicely Bruce.

Thnx JC I'd like to stay motivated enough to finish this one in a timely manner.. we'll see

On 3/24/2019 at 6:44 PM, LaughingIndian said:

... good thing I used a pencil ... it took me two tries to get through that maze !


On 3/24/2019 at 3:52 PM, Chris Smith said:

Looks really good! I like a well behaved serpent 

...for a minute there I thought they were attacking ;)


I decided I was going to stick to the paints that I am comfortable with so,...Duplicolor it is


Tornado Red.            ToRrrrNaado      almost sounds Italian that way:lol:


Then I started on the wheels and tires..



KlBqskR.jpg recognize that McGyver setup Scott,...?

I also made up a gimbal setup for the engine,.. kinda wish I hadn't, I might have been almost done by now,...nahh


Anywho.. thanks for stopping in and commenting,..All Comments, Questions,and Critiques are always welcome.


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forgot Scotty
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