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1/43 Kenworth Day Cab Better Pics

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A project I started many years ago. It's an AMT 1/43 KW cabover that I began converting to a day cab. The chassis is scratchbuilt, as is the dolly for the wiggle wagons. Trailers are shortened AMT exterior post vans. I hope to make a chain "curtain" for one of the trailers, in place of doors, given that this is intended for shagging stuff around the city. The steering is poseable. I did some detailing to the Cummins, and made a shorty bumper from aluminum sheet. Obviously, it has a long way to go. I'll try to find some time to get it out and take some better photos, at some point. In the meantime, I apologize for the less than stellar pics! Questions and comments always welcome!



















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The pics might be "less than stellar", but the build is awesome!  I'm constantly amazed at the detail in these 1/43 kits.  If I ever find one at a local show for a reasonable price I might just have the pull the trigger & buy it.

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Thank you, Vince! Here are a few better photos. The pieced-together rectangular objects are going to be fuel tanks. I want this to be utilitarian, and I think those will look more that way than the round ones that come in the kit. I am also going with the spoked wheels, for the same reason. At some point, I will likely open a couple of the wheels up, and make a mold, since the steel wheels are harder to come by than their aluminum counterparts. I may also attempt to convert a couple of the Budd wheels to two-holers, and cast them. Qs and Cs always welcome! Thanks for lookin'!









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20 hours ago, DRIPTROIT 71 said:

Excellent work!! I have trouble seeing my 1/25 parts when I'm building.

I agree, I am glad someone else is doing the 1/43 stuff. I have enough trouble with the 1/24-1/25 stuff. I can barely hold on to the parts. Can't tell you how much time I spend on the floor looking for parts I have dropped.

Straightliner59, it is looking good. I will enjoy seeing the finished product.

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Thank you all for the kind words! I want to get my dragster off the bench, before I work on whatever's next. This is a possibility. I also have an AMT 1/25th 352 Pete that I cut down to a day cab that might end up on the bench. I have a lot of possibilities, but, I need a truck in my display case. I haven't built one in over 40 years!

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