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1950 Ford Pickup - The Scary Little Rod is Done!

Tom Geiger

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IMG 1470

This scary little puppy is finished!   My goal was to have it on the table at the Philly NNL last Saturday and I managed to finish it up Friday afternoon with time to spare!   

IMG 1471

 This is a project started back in 2008, revisited in 2012 and finally put on the bench with intent of finishing it about a month ago. I had asked friends for suggestions on a number of details and incorporated a lot of their feedback into the final model.


Falcon Ranchero bed.. some guys at the Philly NNL thought I used the bed from the 1/32 Ranchero, but no it's a sliced and diced bed from the 1/25 version.  New Jersey plate was one I already had made up, placed on the vehicle hastily to look complete. I reserve the right to change it to a personalized one someday in the future!


Friends suggested bomber seats, so I grabbed the set that was in the recent Revell  Model A chopped coupe. Clear steering wheel came out of an AMT Riviera, parking brake is VW.  Console is '57 Ford custom unit whittled to fit.  I drilled in some cup holders because I go nowhere without my big cup of coffee!



I gave some details to the dirty underside. The exhaust is the stock set that came on the custom 1950 Ford pickup, only cut right behind the mufflers. I added some chrome ends that probably were intake parts in their previous life.


Here she is sitting next to my stock 1950 Ford pickup just to illustrate how modified she really is!  The body was sectioned and once the top was removed the windshield was chopped as well.  Maybe I should have cut a bit more off of that!  


And she's shorter too!  I had taken a bit out of the chassis length.


In this last shot you can see how I raised the engine up a bit so that the injectors came through the hood.  This is a fixed panel, reminiscent of those old pickups with the two sided hood.  That is the flatty with the Ardun heads that came with the kit. 

So in the end we have this crazy little rod.  And the voices in my head are pleased!  



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