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1969 Dodge Charger / MPC


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Hi all, here's another model I recently completed. Started in 2014, I lost motivation due to the quality of the plastic. This General Lee MPC kit was really poorly molded, even with quite a bit of bodywork there's still alot of defects that show through. I eventually decided to just paint it as is and at least get it off of the desk, which is why some areas are not perfect. I de-chromed everything on the chrome tree, and redid those parts with Alclad. The wheels I sprayed a Zero Paints gold and left them in a matte finish. The body is painted Zero Paints Light Blue Metallic with Tamiya Clear, and the interior the same Zero Paints Light Blue Metallic over black, matte finish. I chose not to do the rear panel black for something different, the rest is all stock. The most fun for me was the photoshoot and trying out new lighting techniques, it's there where the car really shines. Cheers!











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Maybe it's the photography, but all the lines on this model look great. Cleanly built with nice chrome trim. I like how you left the wheels all one color without the ribs and outer edge polished as normally seen.   

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14 hours ago, Joe Handley said:

Nice build, color and wheels kinda remind me of Magnus Walker's blue 911 Turbo on Campagnolo wheels too.


Thanks for all of the comments, and yes I was inspired by this look, also the many Subaru WRX's which carry the same theme. 

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