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Finish my 1950 Ford F6 Tow Truck after 5 Years.

Build from the Revell 50 Pickup mit Chassy from Italery Opel Blitz and Engine from 1948 Ford Woody.

The rest is mostly scratch from Styrol Sheet.

Hope you like it.


1950 Ford F6_43.JPG

1950 Ford F6_44.JPG

1950 Ford F6_45.JPG

1950 Ford F6_46.JPG

1950 Ford F6_47.JPG

1950 Ford F6_48.JPG

1950 Ford F6_49.JPG

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Fantastic looking wrecker!! You have many great little details there. That would look perfect in a diorama with some broken down 40s/50s car on tow, maybe away from an accident scene with a policecar and som "ossifers" taking down statements.

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Beautifully done. I like the subtle weathering, the paint and gold decals, roof light, etc etc. The towing rig looks like it's ready to hook up some cars!

Is there a WIP thread for this awesome truck?


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