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1974 Plymouth Satellite "Sundance Special"

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14 hours ago, 1972coronet said:

There was a cassette-recorder option from 1971-1974 --- rare and expensive option .1971-1974-chrysler-cassette-recorder.jpg.2c6ded4fa572d7fa81e0bca176623947.jpg

So what's the microphone for? Could you make your own tape recordings while driving too?? :D

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Very nice build indeed. I didn't even know this version ever existed, as here In Finland all that era Plymouths propably were 4 door sedans, with no extra goodies. 

I wonder if the wheel openings should have the chrome trim in them?

Very good looking big Plyma! 

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Very nicely done '74 Satellite! It's always fun to see these a bit different body styles built. As always, the end result is just incredible. Everything seems to be just right. It's hard to say anything that hasn't been said already, so I'll just add - Great work!

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On 3/17/2019 at 5:26 AM, Michael Kröger said:


Show you some Pics from my last build.

A 1974 Plymouth Satellite "Sundance Special".

Build from the MPC Dukes of Hazzard Kit.

Decals are made by miself and help from a friend.

The Hubcaps are 3D printed.

The base frat hood is resin from ??? i dont now!

Hope you like it.


1974 Plymouth Satellite Sundance Special_14.JPG

1974 Plymouth Satellite Sundance Special_15.JPG

1974 Plymouth Satellite Sundance Special_16.JPG

1974 Plymouth Satellite Sundance Special_17.JPG

1974 Plymouth Satellite Sundance Special_18.JPG

Oh u used Daisy Dukes care. I bought it. It's a roadrunner thought. So it use bu key seats. My real 74 Sebring didn't. They were bench seats. As in. One peice. They wete wide. But seperate if I recall. I wo Der if there are resin replacement parts for this to make it a Sebring. 

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Very beautiful build Michael !

My dad had a '75 Plymouth Fury painted the same bronze color and a beige vinyl half roof.  The interior was also with a pretty similar design.  Good memories...  I've never seen a Sundance Special car (I didn't know this version was produced either) but your version is very cool.  Well done sir!!! ☀️

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