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On 3/24/2019 at 6:46 PM, dublin boy said:

Well I know what it is, but it must be very confusing for the American contingent.


Give some clues.

The guy from South Africa going "I almost bought one!" was a pretty big clue right there.

I will say that living in the Commonwealth, or close to it, probably gave you a bit of an advantage.  When I was a kid, and devouring every car book I could get my hands on, most of the car books seemed to be from England, so got fairly familiar with the carmakers of that green and pleasant land.   I didn't know immediately what it was, but that roofline was naggingly familiar, but it looked like some sort of British Leyland product from the '70s, and probably a restyled version of an older model.  Wikipedia's list of BL products from that era led me to believe its was based on what was called the ADO16, and sold under various names.  Running through the list for versions I hadn't heard of, and sold in South Africa lead to the Austin Apache.   The Wikipedia page on the Apache mentioned a version with fancy wheels called the TC, and in Googling the Austin Apache TC to try and nail down the year led to a blog where the writer mentioned disapointment at not getting the white roofed Type 35.  Googling Austin Apache 35 revealled it was built in one year, 1976, and only 300 were made.

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Oddly, the picture I found of one at a rally in SA also had no less than FOUR Rover 200 BRMs in the same picture. They're pretty rare groove cars even in the UK, and were never officially sold in South Africa. Bizarrely, Belgium was the largest non UK market, with just over 120 sold, but as far as I can see they were never sold outside of Europe. Any of our South African members care to shed any light on why they are apparently popular down there, and if there's some well-known importer bringing them in by the dozen...?



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@Meriva, As soon as I saw your post I thought it gave away too much information. Didn’t say anything as I didn’t want to draw attention to it. Can’t be to judgemental though, I have blown a couple of Autoquizes in the past.

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