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1969 Hurst Olds convertible conversion

Superbird McMonte

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 This was a really cool project. It had been on my mind for a couple years. I saw the car in an episode of Muscle Car Of The Week. It’s an online YouTube show bringing mostly cars from the Brothers collection. LOTS of inspiration!542BF086-2B4F-4217-9401-BD1CCE5A0491.thumb.jpeg.0534eb5347dbf853f9f9a2bff8c5c280.jpeg

 Special guest appearance from Linda Vaughn!














The shifter and platform are removable. I figured four ease of transportation to and from shows and club nights, this would be a good idea. The platform doesn’t  mount to the bumper the same way it does on the real car.


So what do you guys think? I’d love to hear any questions or comments. Thanks for following along, I really enjoyed this build!

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Cool conversion of that great car. Is the top also removable? I did the same kind of conversion too, but it isn't the Hurst version. Also I made the same little error with the trunk lid, with the corners of it. They should have been round, as someone earlier mentioned. No big deal, but fun to know now later. 

Here is my build, that is already given to the owner of the 1:1 vehicle



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7 hours ago, Reuhkapelti2 said:

Cool conversion of that great car. Is the top also removable? 

Yes the top is removable. It was a fun conversion. I may do it one more time on a 1968 Hurst Olds convertible. Apparently there was a 68 Hurst Olds that was silver and black. It could go along with my 1968 Hurst Olds hardtop.

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