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Super Glue Accelerator-Home made

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1) As all of you know super glue "Accelerator" aka "Kicker" is the best way to speed up the cure time of all brands of super glues when sprayed directly on a glued joint it forces the immediate cure of the CA glue. As an alternative to buying  accelerator or if your in a pinch you can make a version of super glue accelerator at home. Just mix 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda into 1/4 cup of purified water. Brush or spray it onto the joint. The baking soda will neutralize the acid in CA glue, which is there to slow the curing time. At this ratio, your homemade accelerator will still give you several seconds of open time to align the parts. But if you want an immediate cure, increase the soda to 1 teaspoon instead. After trying this, I’ve noticed no loss of bond strength, plus it’s odor-free.

2) One thing that is not really known by many is that Cyanoacrylate glues (super glue) is temperature sensitive. If you apply a little amount of warm air to the joint you are sealing using a hair dryer on low heat it will harden faster than under normal conditions. If the project is stored in ambient conditions, it should be a permanent .

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I stumbled upon the quick curing of CA with soda or talc on accident.  I was using CA as a filler, and tried the powders as a type of aggregate, to "thicken" it up and make it easier to sand and shape when cured.  It was a somewhat successful trial, but there's putty and styrene that work better with less mess.

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