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Considering 29 Ford or 55 Chevy build, need advice

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Thank you for the information and the pics Ace. The pics help tremendously. Worth a thousand words as they say.

I'll add the whole kit to my want list and try for just the windshield frame. I will buy the kit if I can find one on the cheap.

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R&M has the Duvall separate but it is for the 39/40. He has the Duvall for the 32 but it comes with the body and hood, as was mentioned before it is a tad bit wide for the 32.

I am building a 29 also using the Revell 29 kit. Using the A frame as a channeled track nose roadster, I will be using the 32 frame and highboy parts on a 32 Phantom Vicky Roadster project. Love all the extra parts in the Revell 29 and 32 5 window kits. I was disappointed that the 29 did not come with a flatty.   

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Some more observations on the '55...

  • The rear wheels appear to be deeper than the front ones, suggesting they are reverse-rim wheels;
  • Finding dog-dish hubcaps might be a challenge;
  • It looks like there's a tachometer on the steering column;
  • I think there's a shoulder harness/seat belt retrofit (look at the post between the door and the side window).

These aren't huge deals, but might impact your choice in kits.

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The deep offset on the rear wheels might even suggest a narrowed rear end. Again this would be easily done if that is the case. As for the Chevrolet Dog Dish Hub Caps look inside the Revell '56 Chevy 210 sedan kit.  

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