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14 hours ago, Gramps46 said:

Certainly starting to take shape now.  The jig seems to be working well.  

I'm wondering why it took so long to try it.  I have another project that will require one.

11 hours ago, bobthehobbyguy said:

Wow you got a lot done. So how did you heat the wire?

It's a tool that is intended for cutting rigid polystyrene insulation, which model railroad layout builders use for making mountains.  I make supports for taking finished models to shows inside the box.  The hobby shop that is called Hobby Bench carried it, but I think any legit hobby shop has it.  It has a spring loaded trigger, nicrhrome wire heats up in a couple of seconds.

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11 hours ago, cobraman said:

Cool project, I will be watching.

Seen you before.  B)

8 hours ago, GerN said:

Gutsy project - keep up the good work!

Another word for crazy.  :rolleyes:  Thank you!

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On 5/16/2019 at 4:54 AM, Foxer said:

I always loved this car and your bodywork is fun watching. Wonderful job on all . I like where it's going.

To tell you the truth, I didn't know much about the 904 until recently.  Thank you.

On 5/16/2019 at 8:10 AM, bobthehobbyguy said:

Thanks for the info on the cutter. Seems like it could really help for complex cuts. Hopefully Dave will be able to roundup the gremlins so you can post more photos.

Sure thing!  I should start a new topic on just the cutter.

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Cool, can post pictures again!  I have some catching up to do.  Here I have chopped up the 904 chassis pan, and used for bulkhead.  Front clip has been modified.  I repurposed the deck grill into the radiator, when the photo-etch radiator face goes over this, it should be killer!

Made the two side box bulkheads, which will hide the body/chassis screws.  Opened up the rear for a grill opening, and made rear mounts for the transmission.  I have also screwed the engine to the chassis.

Front suspension is modified.  The race car spring setup, no clue how that worked, I reversed the action arm direction, and added the cheap lighter valve spring/shock unit.  I also made it steerable, the race kit did not.  I added some to the fender flare too, which is Dremel shaped to a closer gap.

Just for giggles, I wanted the steering wheel to also turn when the fronts wheels are turned.  I made a gearbox, but ditched it because it was not working smoothly.  I figured out a lever system, it's hidden when complete so it does not need to be realistic.

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The basic concept has come together pretty well.   The jig has helped, but every time I unscrew to work underneath or to look at it, and put it back on, a slight shift happens, so it's not perfect.  I'm still thinking about using the front wing, is that too crazy?

The engine bay, the Indy car had to fit everything into a narrow body, this is like a warehouse!  It's not elegant design wise, form follows function, but it looks like a fire lookout tower. :lol:  The oil cooler is set on the left side, what was the radiator is now a flat air filter on the right side.  The exhaust is one piece of copper wire, fabricated the muffler and put on before bending the back end, then slid into position and glued on.  The tip is stainless steel tubing, happened to fit perfectly.  Aluminum plate for a mount tab.  I re-routed the waste gate exhaust into the main pipe.  I had to raise the deck behind the window up a little, decided to keep the same air scoops but opened up, added a slot scoop at the roof trailing edge.

I will have photo-etch grills, have not decided on which pattern yet.  Need to make different taillights.  Interior needs some work.  This is at the rough Dremel shaped stage, no sanding/filling/more sanding yet, that progress won't be obvious.
Glad we can post pictures directly again!  :D

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15 minutes ago, bill_67 said:

I"m just amazed at creativity and workmanship, I hope you get obsessed like you did on the Ferrari. Absolutely fun to watch, thank you. 

Thank you very much.  Yes I'm in obsessed stage, I have yard work to do, but this is much more fun!

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4 hours ago, NOBLNG said:

Really fine work! I love watching the body-work-sculpting going on.

Thank you.  Glad superglue was invented. :D

I'm finally to the putty stage!   I soaked all parts that had baking soda added to the glue in water, to make sure any chunks get dissolved *before* painting.  I slathered Squadron putty everywhere, 95% is going to get sanded off.

It's not obvious, but wanted to use a vent detail from the chassis pan somewhere, so stuck in the front wheel wells.  There is a slot-car part that would normally be tossed, adapted for the wing support.  I'm going to make the wing with a hydraulic ram, to act as an air brake.

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All I was going to do, was rough sand the putty, then thought I should open a door.  I did the usual method of dragging a #11 blade in the door jamb, used the hot-wire to cut the interior door panel in about 1/100th the amount of time.

Superglued in the door jamb, and some tiny pieces at the bulkhead (not seen here).

I thought of using windshield wiper stainless steel, that stuff is getting to be replaced by one-unit plastic blade replacement parts, so get them while you can!  I used the Dremel wheel to shape a pin, then bent with pliers.

I was shocked how well this worked, never had a door open this wide without binding!

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10 hours ago, 89AKurt said:

I thought of using windshield wiper stainless steel,...

Nice work on the door!  Strange coincidence...I was walking the dog this morning and found an 8" piece of that stuff just lying on the sidewalk. Hmmm, what to do with it?

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10 hours ago, Belugawrx said:

Great show so far Kurt,  keep it going 

Appreciate it.  I do need to attend to other things.....

Last night I refined the door hinge area.  The real car has a really simple door panel, part of the fiberglass body, but I'm contemplating making this look like a carbon-fiber part, with a cable for the door latch release and perhaps add another cable for pulling the door closed.  Also thinking about making working sliding window.  I really should open the other door too, always a trick to duplicate everything in reverse.

As I lie awake, think about all the other things that need to be done, so my checklist is:
1. Door and interior mirrors.
2. Wing support with hydraulic mechanism for air-brake.
3. License plate, which will be mounted to the wing support, with legal light and perhaps the back-up light.  Thought of the name PORNDY (only 6 characters on a special plate).
4. Front wings, which will extend/retract and also rotate, from the radiator vent openings.
5. Handbrake, a little more mechanical than the normal fare.
6. Headlights, need to fabricate the reflectors.  Same for driving lights.
7. Oh yea, open other door.
8. Windows, remove wiper from windshield, add a wiper from parts box.  Also sliding door windows.  And rear window.
9. 20 lug nuts.
10. Coolant and oil hoses.  Need to look at real Indy engine for wiring.
11. Choose pattern of photo-etch grills, and cut.
12. Lots of sanding, then the best part, start painting!  It's going to be a nail 'polish' color, not decided color yet.

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11 minutes ago, NOBLNG said:

Nice work on the door!  Strange coincidence...I was walking the dog this morning and found an 8" piece of that stuff just lying on the sidewalk. Hmmm, what to do with it?

LOL  Thank you.  That could be from the street sweeper, almost the same thing, look at the end for signs of abrasion.

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1 hour ago, Scalper said:

Wow this is a super cool project.. very interesting.  nice fab work so far . this is going to be killer.  

Thank you.  So far, so good.  Plan to paint much of the inside areas flat black to hide the rough fabrication.  :rolleyes:

1 hour ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

That's a lot of work. Very interesting to watch your approach to merging parts from two wildly dissimilar cars into a believable whole. 

Yea no kidding, next project will be box-stock!  Thanks, it's not much different than what everyone else does, stuffing big blown engines into little cars.

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