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Buck Baker's '58 NASCAR Chevy


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I may have gotten in over my head, trying to create my own classic NASCAR models that I've never seen kits for. This one is going to be one of Buck Baker's 1958 NASCAR Impalas. He also had a convertible. I saw a photo somewhere with this white/burgundy color combo. I'm also experimenting with one body, grinding off the side trim, then using filler. I've seen some old NASCAR photos where some had the trim intact, others had it removed. Once I get my model room set back up, I'll do some custom, water slide decals to match the photos I've found online.









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1 hour ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

Though I have zero use for today's NASCAR, I love the era you're modeling. Great stuff. 

Yeah me too. Back then, they were really "stock" cars. Now there are just three brands, all identical jelly beans with different decals. One of them ain't even American... Toyota.


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Back in my younger days and lived in Charlotte, NC, I had a newspaper route and I delivered Buck Bakers paper every morning. Being young and not familiar with auto racing ( i might say that a bicycle was my racing thing ), I knew he was famous for racing cars but didn't know that much about it. When it came time for me to collect for the paper which was once a month, I had to keep going back to his house until I caught him at home. That's about all I remember of him until I was older and kinda followed car racing.

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Cool that you delivered Buck Baker's news papers. I tried to watch the race at Charlotte yesterday, but after the BS, wrastling-like intro, I just had to turn it off. Last year, they made Charlotte into a road course which was way more fun to watch than most of the boring, round and round and round of the super speedways.

Have yall noticed that many of the tracks have resorted to different colored grand stand seats and camera long shots? That's supposed to make us think there are fans there, but they're empty seats. NASCAR abandoned it's baby boomer base. The millenials just ain't interested regardless of all the rap music and flashy stuff.

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