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The Mongoose and The Snake


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What kid growing up in the 60's didn't like drag racing - well I'm sure there are some out there but I definitely wasn't one of them.  I also loved rivalries.  So hen I saw that they were producing the Snake and Mongoose models, I knew I had to build em.  I was "Snake" fan.  I tried to make them as realistic as possible - but added some touches to try and make them as different as possible, as well, since I couldn't find a whole lot of detailed pics.  So here is my first contribution to the drag racing forum.  Waiting for a replacement windshield for the Snake as it was missing from the box.  After taking the pics I noticed a couple of areas that I need to touch up on the chrome. 



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On 6/20/2019 at 4:44 PM, Dave Van said:

Nice work on both!!  How did they build??? Just finished the Wedge rail and it was a difficult build....no locators and lots of mounts here somewhere. 

Thanks!  Not too bad building wise.  Most stuff was pretty straight and true considering the length of the chassis and body pieces.  Some of the chrome stuff was fussy. 

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17 hours ago, Rick Wolfe said:

Looks great, what colors did you use for the yellow and blue ?  Good luck on your next project, Thanks, Rick

I used Testors Enamel out of a can for both - "gloss yellow"  and "gloss bright blue".  The blue could have been a shade darker if I was being picky, but I felt these were close enough.

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