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Post the oldest kit in your collection

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While not the first kit built after getting back into the hobby, it's the third or 4th I think, it's the oldest one I still have all together. Built this in 1993. First one I polished, and first one I did with BMF. She took first place in the adult class in the first contest I ever entered. AMT's 68 Shelby.



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Very nice 68 Shelby.  One thing I have noticed when researching that year is that the inside of the grille area is body color.  Look at some pictures on line.  Basically most of the chrome should be covered  with paint which is a shame.  Here are some builds that date back to the late 80's or early 90's.




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I've built hundreds of kits starting when I was a kid back in the late 50s. I sold off my entire collection when I moved a couple of years ago, except for this Corvette. No BMF or pad printed white letter tires back then.  I keep a few photos of my old builds on my website: http://www.shamblesmodels.com


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This is probably the oldest model in my collection, dating to maybe around 1962? I didn't build it then, somebody else did. I just cleaned it up and restored it last year. 


This one isn't the oldest model of mine in my collection, but it's the oldest that's currently assembled and fit to show, and I'm pretty sure it's my oldest intact original paint job (Pactra Lemon Yellow). Built by me in late 1966, cleaned up and restored in the last year or two. 



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I have several of the old AMT annuals from 1958.

Pretty much the beginning of the annual model kit era.

I have 3 that I have restored.

The AMT '58 Ford Fairlane, '58 Pontiac Bonneville and '58 Buick Roadmaster.












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Here’s another one from 2002. I entered this at the SA model show/contest at the McCormick place in Chicago. It was a 2nd place winner and even won approval of Tom Daniel ( Whom I’d sent pics of it with the original box which he autographed )


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I have 3 survivors builds from the summer of 1994. I was in the Navy and had a rented room that I used when in port to work on my car and build models and generally to get away from ship life. I had the room for two years and built about 30 models in that time and set up a 1:1 car for a planned One Lap of America run which ended before it started due to a semi truck driver falling asleep on the highway. Two boxes of them disappeared off the moving truck when I got out. Allied Movers had no record of them of course. I came across these old builds a while back when looking for something else. Somehow they had survived 20 years of living in a box in an un-cooled garage. Those old Johan display cases are really tough.



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My oldest is the MPC 57 Chevy.  I built it 33 years ago while recovering from a motorbike accident. Its what got me into 57 Chevys, leading to a 1;1 years later.

Its survived 3 house moves, (a few bits need re-attaching ) sadly the 57 Chevy Pepper Shaker that I built around the same time didnt, but its replacement is on the work bench.


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This Chevy:





This was my very first model car. Can't remember when I built it, but it was in a magazine in 2004, still have it for sentimental reasons, after that I built three more cars, and gave up for a while, until I picked up modelling in 2013 I think...

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The oldest in my collection is one I didn't build.

My dad built this replica of the car we had when I was young. I'm guessing the build is from the late 70s. The grille was missing, so I sourced a replacement through this board.

I found a sealed (until I unsealed it) NIB kit last year, and will be building a more accurate representation of our old car. 




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