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1963 Cadillac Eldorado "hardtop".


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Hi everyone.

Yes, you've read correctly "hardtop". Although I know the brand for the last 30 years, I had never heard or seen any 1963 Cadillac Eldorado in that body version before, until a couple of years ago. Indeed, Original Part Group, Inc brought out an unbelievable and gorgeous 1963 Cadillac freshly restored for the 2014 SEMA show. According to the group, it looks like only 9 to 12 estimated units have been made at the time, knowing that Cadillac produced only Eldorado "biarritz" convertibles that year. The car is visible on the group website and on Youtube. I guess that if the car would have been made in 1963, it could have been called "Eldorado Seville". I couldn't resist to build one and this Caddy is made from a Dan Decko resin copy of the Jo-Han's Coupe DeVille kit version. Wheels and bumpers are from a kit donor. Regular trims have been sanded and I have created the new accurate "Eldorado" lower body moulding trims. A few details to find and add again such as mirrors, antenna... Hope you'll like it! :)










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9 minutes ago, ChrisBcritter said:

Another beautiful job - looking forward to the next one!

How was the quality of the resin kit?

Hi Christopher ! Thanks !!! The "Decko" kits are just amazing ! The quality is really really good and there is almost nothing to do in prep. Honestly, I bought Modelhaus kits in the past and I think Dan's are as good or even a bit better, very refined. I highly recommend them. He makes 3 resin copies of famous Johan's kits. 63 Coupe Deville, 58 and 61 Fleetwoods. ( Have all of them ) .My only concern  is that his chromes ( which are also extremely clean and good ) are too "yellow" or "gold" for my taste.  Maybe something that he can correct or change...

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That is one GORGEOUS Caddy! :wub:

Interesting about the Eldorado Coupe..........that's the first I've seen of one of those as a '63. And yes, Decko's kits are SUPER nice! Recently, I got a '58 Oldsmobile 98 coupe from him and it is VERY good! It is just about Modelhaus quality and yeah, his chrome does have a slight yellow tint to it, but it's very smooth with no pitting or fading in areas.

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