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First off let me apoligize to those dye hard 57 fans (including myself)for a botched job,originally was going to do box stock ,but things went down hill very rapidly,first off the front headlights were NOT going to fit this body ,they were TOO big for the opening in the body ,so i tryed to mold them flush to the body (in not one to do any kind of body work ,or mods ,dont have the patience :angry: so to all you body men you guys amaze me),then the same BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH thing with the rear chrome tail pieces TOO big would not sit flush,so again my attempt at some body work ,made them flush(or tryed to)then the bumpers,the flash on them were so bad ,so i said hell with it painted them same color as body,didnt even bother with the engine was so upset by then,this is THE ROUND 2 version of the 57 chevy with blue box art,i also had some major problems with the 66 nova from round 2 also,i also have the the 67 shelby gt-350 mustang,still undecided if i want to mess with that one knowing all the problems from the other round 2 models.with out futher a do here are a couple sorry ass pics of a icon (almost to embarresed to post :( them)




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I love that kit but it does have some fit problems. I got my first 57 Chevy kit around 1964 and I had almost every issue through the years. you did a great job love the stance. It is just a mild custom and I think that is great. I had a real 57 HT back in the day with a 396 and 400 turbo I wish I had it today.

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Even with the fitment issues you mentioned your build looks very nice. This was the first '57 Chevrolet kit I got to build years ago and I have always liked it. The only thing that really bothered me was the way AMT got the body side moldings wrong. I would still build one tomorrow since everything else just looks correct to me. 

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