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What tires to use for 1/24 Revellogram 1970 Dodge T/A Challenger?

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Anybody have a suggestion for a set of tires for the 1/24 Monogram/Revell 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340? I want to build the car stock. The T/A and AAR Cuda  had larger rear tires from the factory, so I am wondering what is out there in 1/24 to make this look right?  The stock tires it comes with might be ok for the back, but you would need smaller ones for the front. If you use the stock ones for the front, you could use the BIG street machine tires Monogram has included in the 2 in 1 kits for the rear, but they look way too big to me. I know that people are using the AMT big and little tires from the parts packs on the new AAR Cuda kits, but the are 1/25. If I can't find  a suitable tire combo, I am thinking I might be able to fake the look by slightly dropping the front end and using the kit stock tires. Any thoughts or help appreciated!

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The Otaki BFG's fit this kit, problem is, if you want to use the kit rims you are going to need some 1/2mm walled sleeves to stop the rim flopping around inside the tire. My machinist friend bet me I couldn't machine the sleeves, I won & it's not a job I'd like to attempt again any time soon. 

Or there's Chief Joseph @ Fireball Models 

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