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Castronovo's Custom Body Dart Funny Car - complete!

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I started this back in January and it is finally done!  The Revell Duster body has the greenhouse to far forward to replicate a 1974 Dart FC, but instead of moving the greenhouse back which would have required new decals, I moved the engine forward a bit so it would stick out of the windshield like the real car.  I also modified the grill to look like a Dart, and used a Slixx grill decal.  I opened up the front wheel wells, added wheel bumps from the Revellution funny car and removed the ridge down the center of the hood that Dusters have.  The model has Comp Resins front wheels and rear slicks from the MPC Kalitta FC.  

I used kit decals, which were in good shape for being 45 years old!!!!   The kit decals didn't have anything for the decklid, and fortunately Tamiya Bright Red was a good match for the kit decals.  Those decals also did not have the white stripe for the roof, trunk, or hood, so I used decal film.  Chuck Boerner is going to offer these decals with all the white striped included, so they'd be much easier to use.  

Happy to get this on the shelf!!

Right above.JPG

Right side low.JPG

Right rear.JPG

Left body up.JPG

Left Engine.JPG

Left side rear.JPG

Left side side 2.JPG

Right engine.JPG

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