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Chystler Imperial


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Been meaning to post this model for some time.  Finished it months ago, but I have been having some issues in my personal life.  So, with that being said my post may be sporadic for the next few months.  I'll be posting some of my photos that were lost from Photobucket, but I will not be building any new models for the next 6 months at least.  While I have a place to stay as long as I want; I have angered my land lord's son in law who has decided to harass me after I reported him to my land lord for trying to scam me.  So, I have decided to purchase a home, but have run into some issues on that front as well.  I'm hoping to be in a home early next year, but I do not want to build anything new as it is already going to be a stressful move due to my collection already.  With well over 200 models I am really worried about stuff being broken.  It's been causing a lot of stress on me in what has already been a very rough year.  I've had a falling out with a best friend, literally a week later another good friend O.D.ed, I've had changes at work, and a couple other things.  I've been pretty blah, and just keep forgetting to upload the pics.  So, here's what could be my last model of the year.

48507471962_98a7143721_k.jpgSAM_0641 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr


48507469527_71d54ba83f_k.jpgSAM_0642 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

48507293191_b1d4ef9d04_k.jpgSAM_0643 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

48507465317_1c356c6e8b_k.jpgSAM_0644 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

48507289316_a299cc902e_k.jpgSAM_0645 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

48507287306_11ea43c325_k.jpgSAM_0646 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

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Looks great!  It never ceases to amaze at how enormous some cars from this era are.

By the way, I hope you can get your personal life sorted out.  If this is not going well, very little else seems to.

Edited by Jim N
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