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1976 British magazine review of AMC Pacer (RHD conversion)

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Note the RHD conversion was performed by the importer, and so explains the less-than-inspiring dash design.  Other aspects of the conversion left the reviewers less than impressed, such as the windshield wiper pattern is unchanged and original left-hand mirror remains adjustable, while its mate on the RHD driver's side is not.

It's fun to get the British take on the rather peculiar (and yet still typically American) Pacer.

Here's what they had to say regarding the issue of the Pacer's doors :

"More fundamental is the Pacer's major gimmick--its unequal size doors--is negated by the change [to RHD].  The doors are massive (so heavy in fact they can be an effort to open) and that on the right hand side is 4in longer behind the window than its opposite partner.  The intention is to allow easier access for the rear seat passengers from the (right hand) kerb side. In practice, unless the front occupant is at the most forward point of seat travel it is not possible to get into the back without tipping the front seat.  As a driver's door, however, it can present considerable difficulties of exit in a confined space.  The door's width, plus the long trailing edge mean that it is not possible to get out with the door opened, say, a foot clear of the body--potential owners with narrow garages beware!"


Auto Car Feb 21 76 AMC Pacer a.jpg

Auto Car Feb 21 76 AMC Pacer b.jpg

Auto Car Feb 21 76 AMC Pacer c.jpg

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