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Possible eBay listing value help needed

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I've run into a bit of a financial difficulty and am considering selling off a model lot. I plan to list it on feeBay but I'm not sure what it's value should be. I don't want to be posted here as one of those crazy sellers who wants gold prices for brass.

Any help to determine a fair price would be appreciated.


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33 minutes ago, DPNM said:

Sorry Steve, I have them listed on eBay now and I had edited my original post this morning to remove the item descriptions and the picture. I didn't want to run afoul of the no selling clause, even by slight reference.


I just thought that it was key information needed to answer your original question and I had missed your unedited post.


Good luck!




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When i get ready to post kits, I look at their stated value in this guide:


I set my values according to condition of the item, suggested value in this guide, and comparing them to others on eBay. 

I might add that I have yet to sell one at the stated value in this guide book. I just use it basically as a reference point to get started.

Trying to downsize a large stash is turning out to be difficult!

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eBay kinda sorts out the value for you.  I've had things that I thought were nothing special that went ballistic and sold for a good price.

What you do need to do is take a bunch of decent photos, and describe the lot completely and accurately.  One fuzzy photo of a bed with a little blob on it (I guess that's a model) will cost you dearly!  Same with a bad description, or the old "I have no idea if it's complete". People will decide it's definitely not complete and that's your cop out.

There is the seasonal factor too.  Summer is slow. We are coming into the best market right now, fall to Christmas!  Great time to list stuff!

Put an accurate postage charge on it.  Too high and people will factor it into their bids.  Then when they receive the package with $10 postage on it, when you charged them $15 they will squawk and hurt your feedback.  

And take photos of everything, even if you don't post them all.  That's to protect yourself against scammers who will take a part out and try to return it.  Or they'll claim parts are missing and file with eBay and Paypal for a refund.  They'll want to keep the parts they stole and either return the kit on your postage or will demand a refund and to  keep the kit.   Yea, they are out there!

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I find a box to ship the item in, pack it, measure it, and weigh it. I plug that info into the eBay shipping calculator and it tells the buyer what it will cost for shipping. As a seller, you get a small discount, but I am not ashamed of that. I have to buy bubble wrap, tape, paper and ink to print labels, gasoline to make a special trip to the Post Office, and some shipping boxes and envelopes that I had to buy. I cry a little inside when I put a kit on eBay and see what the buyer will have to pay for shipping, but I can't control what USPS charges. I sold a large scale kit a while back and the shipping was around $90. Was an odd size box, and it cost me $12 for a shipping box that I had to modify to ship the kit in.

In all, do your homework and be an honest seller. I have had two flakey buyers that eventually paid, but I immediately blocked them from ever bidding on any of my stuff ever again. 


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On ‎9‎/‎2‎/‎2019 at 12:29 AM, Rodent said:

I cry a little inside when I put a kit on eBay and see what the buyer will have to pay for shipping, but I can't control what USPS charges.

Same here.  If the kit is really big and/or heavy, I put a warning about that right in the eBay listing. I sometimes have "sticker shock" when I'm buying and see the eBay shipping price.  So the warning is my way of saying, "Don't blame me, blame the Post Office." 

This was sort of weird: I did a trade in here once with a guy on the West Coast. I'm on the East Coast. Both boxes were pretty big. I checked his USPS label when my kit arrived, and we had both paid exactly the same amount in shipping, right down to the penny: $17.30.

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