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T AA/FA 'Wooly Bully'

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Just wrapped up this quick three week build....

Body: AMT recently reissued in the Competition Parts Pack kit,  scratched together tonneau. Modified turtledeck...

Frame: from the recently reissued AMT (MPC?) Trojan Horse funny car. I shortened the frame about 1/4"

Hemi: from the parts box....

Rear tires are the hard plastic AMT tires with an old set of wheels from the parts box.

Front wheels and tires from Polar Lights funny car kit.

Paint: Tamiya French Blue with a light overcoat of pearl white on the body, also Tamiya white.

Decals from Slixx and the rivet decals from the Revell Model A coupe kit (RIP)....

Thanks for looking....-RRR





dg0ik ki.jpg




vdgg   h.jpg

c cv  cv.jpg

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So here I am on the opposite side of the world wondering about amazing co-incidences.

Just ten days ago, I unexpectedly picked up a second copy of the AMT T altered body.  No reason, just seemed like a good idea at the time.

Then after extensively reworking, and shortening, a Revell Buttera funnycar chassis for my M/T Mustang project, I found it simply won't work for that application.

And, I have a set of those unusual bearclaw rear wheels, with no idea where they came from.


Thank you for giving me W.I.P. #217!  Just have to do one of these, it will fit in between my Willy Borsch altered and a super swoopy late funnycar chassied T. The first T altered body I bought is destined for the Fiat Double Dragster chassis, which will give me four distinct iterations of T style fuel altereds.  I love everything about your build, thanks for the inspiration.

Cheers Alan

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On 9/24/2019 at 12:13 AM, Chris in Berwyn said:

Really nice!  I am a fan of those hard plastic AMT slicks. Wish I had a stash of them

Those tires come up for sale on fleaBay quite often. The recently reissued AMT altered wheelbase Cyclone (badged as Dyno Don's Eliminator II this time around) has those tires in it. I wonder if some resin caster makes them? -RRR

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