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1966 Ford Mustang Hardtop

Jay's Customs

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Recently finished this '66 Mustang by AMT. The body and interior are actually sitting on a fox body chassis for increased handling and aftermarket upgrades. The 289 V8 is still 1966, but it's been spiced up and bolted to a 5 speed transmission. Nicknamed the Red Fox due to this animal's small size and agility compared to its predators, this mustang could definitely hold its own in a muscle car showdown. The wheels are from the '72 F100 Sport Custom kit by Moebius.

Comments and criticism welcome! Enjoy!1970301205_IMG_00941.thumb.JPG.2e9fb1f7fe7994cc061a6fecd07bc514.JPG2129735917_IMG_00981.thumb.JPG.ee41d9ae969bcfd9cbb89a5894ab0722.JPG536489523_IMG_01031.thumb.JPG.5b3266b0f511bcb2713256a94176df80.JPG1709653920_IMG_00991.thumb.JPG.6bc9b55b545d046561a9fd984df3f6b4.JPG1155009552_IMG_00961.thumb.JPG.7f5894e11b007641e0e31af6270d3e21.JPG1783973173_IMG_01051.thumb.JPG.2308faf5f8ca1ec7af3419256559633a.JPG

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