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New Fastback (Sedanette?) Foose-ilac body from Freeman

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Just received the first production body for the latest product out of Sam Freeman's shop: A fastback Sedanette body to fit on Revell's Foose Cadillac. Kit hood, glass, etc. All fit without any sanding/filing, and the inside of the body is just as smooth as the outside. With his recent switch to white resin, this thing could almost pass for styrene. Displayed on the kit chassis.




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Wow, that's a gorgeous body. Aside from the wheels and other Foose-y stuff in this kit, the convertible top was my biggest gripe, simply because it would require so much work to convert it. Does he have a website? Don't mind me, I've most likely been living under a rock, but I'm unfamiliar with his work.

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2 hours ago, matthijsgrit said:

This topic may be of interest: 


Yeah, that post seems to have slipped off the front page, eh? Took some time to get it finished out and molded, and he said there was some learning curve on the new resin he's working with now. They should start showing up in his ebay store very soon, anyway. I guess I'll go drop an update in there.


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20 hours ago, Freeman Cars said:

The cadillac bodys will be up on Ebay around the end of this week with a buy it now price. no bid wars just buy if you want it. that should make it easy for every one.   sam

When Dave first posted his I immediately started searching eBay daily for a listing. Thanks for the heads up. I'll definitely be picking one up. Thanks for offering this.

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