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Never built a Lindberg kit until this one. Screwed up the first paint job on it and hid it in a box for months if not years. Then it became a bit of an experimental subject for scratch built engine parts that didn't make it into the final build. Later, I found a 1972-74 Matchbox Challenger that I absolutely love so I went ahead and replicated it pretty accurately, with some creative freedoms that I took due to the lack of detail on a 1/64 scale Matchbox. Lettering is done by hand, stripes are decals from the '68 Charger kit by Revell. The build itself is pretty far from box stock, with a totally modified front suspension and scratch built rear, carbs and side pipes. Anyways here it is alongside its ''mini-me''.

Comments are welcome!


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The Lindburg kit wasn't too bad, but I always like to build my cars stock and the kit isn't stock.  I was lucky enough to find a stock hood at Hart's Parts.  Then, I found some decals from Fire-bird designs.  The model didn't come out looking too bad :


40571189213_4bed60cba3_k.jpgSAM_0448 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr


It's all in how you choose to build it.

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