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'51 Chevy Koupe

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This is my first serious old school custom I built around four years ago. It's the old familiar AMT kit with the roof from the Revell '50 Olds chopped three scale inches in front, four in the rear. The headlight hoods and quarter panel extensions were formed with .010 styrene. I scratch built the tube grille, fender skirts and tail lights. All glass is clear acetate. Paint is Krylon Pistachio Green and Tamiya Pearl White. Wheels and tires from Pegasus. Lakes pipes are from an AMT '62 Catalina.

The interior has the bucket seats and console from an AMT '57 Ford. The dash was smoothed and modified for a better fit. A steering wheel from an AMT '55 Chevy was added with a scratch built suicide knob. The door panels got sanded smooth and diamond pleats were scribed in. Paint is Krylon Pistachio Green (dash and floor), Tamiya Pearl White and Model Masters Diamond Green (door panels, seats and console). 

On the chassis, I lowered the suspension and modified the front for posable wheels. I made the brake lines to the backing plates flexible to allow the wheels to be turned.  

The engine is from an AMT '50 Chevy pickup. Dual carb intake, breathers, headers and valve cover are from an AMT '37 Chevy. Carbs and dual exhaust are from an AMT '51 Chevy convertible. 










Thanx for checking it out! Any questions, just ask. 

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4 hours ago, espo said:

Very impressive body work and the chopped top looks just right. The side windows look as if it could be a hard top. 

Thanx! I did design that way. The chrome strips would be attached to the windows. So, when they would be down, it would look like a hardtop. Up, looks like a post top. That was the idea anyway.

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