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New Release AMT 63 Impala


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Just got the new release of the AMT 63 Impala yesterday. The body does not look too bad.




There seems to be a little gap at the leading edge of the hood, I think the radiator support is a bit too wide, should be an easy fix.


Tail lights are molded in, but should not be too hard to detail now a days.


Engine is a bit of a mis-mash. The block, heads, fan, fan belts, alternator, the two carburetors,  and distributor are from the AMT 64 Impala kit. The intake and exhaust manifolds, valve covers, and air cleaner are from the AMT 62 Bel Air kit. I'll be using the kit supplied frame on this build.

More later!

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Thank for showing it. I see I want be buying it they didn't fix any of the body problems. Sink in the top edge of the drivers door, leading edge of the hood does not match the finders and the rear panel has no detail around the top edge of the taillight panel look at the T in Chevrolet. I think the body is a mess unless you are going to build old Nascar of a short track car. Look like they did improve the valve covers unless they are from another kit.

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The valve covers are from the AMT 62 Bel Air kit. Noting in the engine picture is from the 63 Impala kit.

I will have to see how well I can clean up that rear, these pictures are taken without any modifications to the body other than cutting out the hood area cross bar.

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Hood fixed.  I did a saw cut, then did a bit of sanding to fit, then super glued the gap back together. I think it looks much better!

The cut


The hood fits now.


Wheels and tires done,  Black was painted, aluminum on the center, and kit supplied SS decals. Tires are from the 65 Chevelle Wagon new release.


Kit supplied 409 decals


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I found my can of Testors metallic turquoise enamel paint so I decided to shoot the 63 Impala interior with that. Except for the fact that it is enamel, it does not look too bad and matches well with the Artesian Turquoise.




Some simple detail painting of the stock AMT 63 frame.


Thanks for looking and more later!

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