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Yet another garage....


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I don’t have the space either,  but the mood struck, when it’s done, I’ll figure out where to put it, haha! I’ve found room to display/store 16 rigs with trailers, and tons of cars, hopefully it’ll work out in the end........, fingers crossed......., hehe...

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So, I picked up some paint today that I think will be suitable for the floor color, and a few more ideas popped into my head on what to do around the outside of the building , so even though no tangible progress, the wheels are spinning....

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Well, I went and got some plywood to make the base of this growing out of control project, lol. Ended up with a foot print of 4 feet wide, 33 inches deep. This lets me position things like I wanted, also leaves some room behind the shop to put some stuff . More pics of the rough layout and how it will kind of look .








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So, all along I’ve been thinking that the base of the actual garage was missing something, that something is the sidewalk like area that usually skirts the building . I started making those today, still have one side left to do,  but these little guys have chewed up a lot of time today.....








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Got a little more done on the sidewalks. The edges are slightly curved, not rounded, but corners knocked down as well as I could without it looking strange ( to my eye anyway). I added expansion joints and dirtied them up in what I figured would be high traffic areas. Thanks for looking.














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Looks great Tom,  I've been pondering what to do with the same kit.  I like that you added two bays.  I understand why MRC only had one for size considerations, but there are few if any real stations with only one bay!  

Take a look at those gas pumps.  Both in your photos with cars and the ones in my own kit, they look too large to my eye.  Maybe just too tall, in all the photos I can find, the window is at a height that someone in a car can read it.  

Here's a site with a lot of pictures:  http://pleasantfamilyshopping.blogspot.com/2011/03/golden-age-of-gas-stations.html

If you want some ideas on pavement, Ken Hamilton has been doing work on Facebook as well as in the latest issue of that other magazine.

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Thanks for the input guys, always appreciated. The gas pumps do seem a bit large,  but I’m going to run with them for now, too many other things have my attention at the moment, lol. I had some time today to putter with this, and decided to make a transmission bench, I’d already built the bench ( from one of the kits I’m using), but today I made the transmission ‘hanger’, it looks very close to the ones I use at work, although not ‘dead on’, i think it conveys the look, enough for me anyway. I also have an almost dry parking lot, will need work, but it’s a start. Again, thanks for looking.








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