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Yet another garage....


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Thanks all, been chipping away at stuff?

made a dumpster tonight for the back of the building, have a ton of ideas for stuff, so when I get time, I’m making ‘smalls’ to throw around the place. 

Bill, not sure if I have space for the ice machine, but thanks for the thought, and I may eventually want/need that, so I’ll keep the trade offer in mind.

the dumpster will eventually be green with a black lid.

thanks again for following along....






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Thanks guys!  Shop is getting crowded now, lol, but now that I have the ‘major players’ in house, I can run electrical conduit and air lines thru the shop, I’ve also got a big block Chevy engine going together to put on an engine stand in the office, making some junk parts to put out behind the shop, still need to come up with more stuff for the office area, maybe a chair or two, phone, computer for writing repair orders , or maybe go old school and make it all hand written stuff with a catalog ‘holder ‘ or something. Also want to make some utility poles out front with wires and all those entail......, lots of ideas brewing .......


thanks for following along, stay tuned ....?

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Started the junk pile out back, and painted up a few barrels to put out back awaiting pick up. Painted more smalls for the junk pile, and will probably put a few more hoods out there, have extras, just need to paint them up. Thanks for looking.




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More stuff accomplished, bits and pieces to add in and around the place...

also cut down the gas pumps, as previously discussed, they were too tall, still are a bit ‘fat’ , but the height is much better now I think.

and for some reason I can never get my pics in the right order....















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I have a little feedback if I may. You may wish to reconfigure the back wall/depth now that you are on a bigger platform. With a car in the bay, there should be enough room in front of the car for a mechanic and his tool box/test equipment. I also see you have painted the parking lot. May I suggest Krylon Fusion textured shimmer. It simulates scale asphalt pretty well. I used it on my trailer in an attempt to simulate non-skid.


Trailer LR.JPG

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Thanks for the input, much appreciated. I had thought of making the shop deeper,  but decided against it. I realize it’s tight with a car in there, but I turn wrenches in a Chevy dealer and we are packed in like sardines due to the age of the building, believe it or not, bay size at work is not too far off compared to my garage set up.

also, thanks for the paint suggestion, I’m still working on the final finish of the ‘lot’, so I will try some of that and see how it looks.

thanks for following along.....

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Borrow away, I’ve borrowed a few myself?

made up a few more things, I figured if I had outlets , I might as well have a breaker box too ( conduit will need to be cut down to final height), also made an engine crane , the hobby gear crane is closer to 1/18 scale. Also have one lift 1/2 done and got some color on a few of the shop walls.







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Man this shop is really taking shape. Now is also the time to think about whether you want to wire it for working lights. The new LED bulbs are smaller, brighter and give off a minimum of heat. Also, textures really add alot to the details in a diorama so think on adding fabrics, banners, air lines, cords, lights, flags, etc.

Here's a few pics of mine to add some inspiration. I don't have the shelf space so I had to jam pack alot in a small space. I don't mean to hijack your thread.





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I had thoughts about lighting it, but as this is my first attempt at a diorama, I figured I better keep it simple, if I do another one, I think I will try lighting it. And no worries on hi jacking, the more ideas everyone can see, the better we all are for it.

 I have made some progress, second lift is done and installed, more smalls have been painted, and some electrical work has been done on the back wall.








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Looks like you are having a whale of a time there, Tom....... lighting can be quite straightforward, or more challenging, depending upon which method of lighting you care to choose. I have tried aquarium lighting in my dioramas, also doll's house lighting and lastly Christmas type  decorative lighting on a continuous cable. The doll's house lighting seemed to work best for 1:24 scale buildings, apart from the bulbs failing frequently. The aquarium lighting was too blue, despite having blue and white LED's, and the Christmas lights were okay for 1:43 scale buildings. Hiding the cables is the tricky bit.


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