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1961 Imperial Destruction derby car

Paul Hettick

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This was built to replicate a car run circa 1970. Many cars were street legal, driven to the arena kick the glass out and chained up there. Uses a kit roof and thin aluminum body panels.      900 was my number as a derby driver from way back when.






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Yeah lots of nice cars met the derby fate. Around 1980 I bought a very nice 63 S-55 Merc fastback for 200.00. Metallic Tan, white vinyl top and pearl white bucket seat interior. Drove it all summer then gutted it and ran it at the Intermountain fair derby on Labor Day weekend. Wrecked lots of 57- 64 Fords and Mercs

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Helped a buddy prep a couple derby cars back in the late 80s.   We had a 69 Electra and a 67 Ford Country Squire.   WE were severely outclassed by the "pros"   Got 2 derbies out of each of them.  The Electra frame broke over the rear axle in the second derby.   You could lift the whole rear of the body like it was on a hinge.  lol.  You captured the damage nicely.  Fun stuff.

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On 11/8/2019 at 7:37 AM, iamsuperdan said:

Demo derbys are the main reason I can't find a 70s station wagon to turn into a project car. lolz


nice job on this one!


Got two 72 Fords and a 64 Pontiac, along with many other cars pickups and trucks to get rid of. The Ford wagons even come with extra rear glass.






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Apologies to the OP,  but I was surprised at how much I loved the lines of that Ford wagon. Total shock!

I really like seeing a nice Imperial as well, and this is a beautifully rendered demo car, even if it is a heartbreaker! Great attention to detail; very authentic damage.

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As a two-time Imperial owner, I just gotta say: Great job on something that's painful to look at!

Believe it or not, Imperials are now being dragged over to England and Holland for use in banger races. Sigh...


The paint jobs are more professional and the pace is much faster, but the end result is the same.

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That is awesome work, love the bumpers especially.  I know you spent some time creating that, since I did this for another magazine competition.  I thought Imperials were also banned for demo derbies, perhaps that's a regional rule, since I read the County Fair rules when I did mine.  I also did a "before" version, less work than "after".

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