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AMT 1989 Pontiac Trans Am TTA

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KNIt's the 30th Anniversary of the '89 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 20th Anniversary TTA. I got model last Saturday and once I got home and looked up close. It was missing the front glass, I should have looked more when I was buying it. Or I could have bought it 2 years ago when I saw it for the same price , sealed 2 years ago. Anyway, I got a donor glass from my stash. The MPC Knight Rider has an extra clear glass tree. Ending 2019 with a F body build!





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Update: I ended up getting sick plus busy with my job. Now, I'm back on my build. Every part is painted, now I can focus on painting the body, hood, bumpers, wing. Do you think it's better to glue on the rear wing and then paint the car. Or paint the car and then glue on the wing? Lots of sanding down mold seams on these AMT models. I want to take my time painting this one, the weather is getting worse every day. I have to two tone the interior. I use YouTube videos and Ads for real 89 TTA for reference.

Btw, excuse the typos.....I'm posting from my phone to upload pictures. The model building never stops. There's always something on my work bench!




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I've been peeking in on this build and am liking what I'm seeing so far Vincent.

I don't know how detailed you want to go with the build but you could do something with those foot pedals that would make a world of difference if you're interested. The same goes for getting rid of the ejector / molding marks in the back of the interior as those will be very visible from the rear glass area.


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Cool. I have a spot for those cars. 

BTW, IF you haven't painted the hood yet you might want to correct it. 

It should have a crease up the center . Also the vents are all off slightly , like the hood's twisted. 

When I did the "mini me" of my car, I had to sand some and add some material to to both sides of the hood to center it properly.

IMG 2125

IMG 2377


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The fact, that I own a 1988 Firebird Formula, I'm on it. I have a lot of AMTs 3rd gen Firebirds (MPC and Revell as well) in my stash so I'm definitally on it. The hint with the higher line in the center of the hood is pretty good. I never paid attention to this Little Detail while I built my Firebirds. And there are a dozen of them in my shelf.

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