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Issue #206, Contest Issue, MAILED!!!

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On 11/21/2019 at 7:52 AM, Ramfins59 said:

I received my issue in yesterday's mail (11/20).  If I may comment...  I wasn't thrilled with the pictures of John Teresi's models, or some of the ones at GSLXXVII.  While the models themselves were great, I thought that, while the dark overall look of the pictures may have been a bit "artsy", they detracted from clearly seeing the models and their details.... Just "my humble opinion."  Aside from that, it was great to have a new issue in my hands again and I look forward to more.  Thanks Gregg.

I'm no photographer so I can't say for certain, I can certainly vouch that when Gregg took the photos, they looked marvelous on his camera LCD. Perhaps it has more to do with the printing than the photography. But, if you check out the GSL group photo, it too is dark, so who can say.

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Ironic that a couple of pages into the mag, Gregg has an article about photographing models - use a WHITE background!!  I'd have liked to seen better GSL pics but I'm very appreciative to have received the magazine.

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I really enjoyed this issue but have to agree the dark photos as printed are too dark to make out the fine details of the photo subject.

Unfortunately, what looks great on an LCD screen or a computer screen does not always look good when printed, I have had to brighten up my share of photos for printing.

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Got mine yesterday at Hobby Haven in Overland Park Ks. So many great looking builds. The dark pictures mentioned by others may have been the photographer trying to compliment the finished model with a dark background. The problem I think may be from not enough lite on the subject. 

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As for the black background, it was a test. Since it was a special show, I tried something something.

I have five negatives so far, but I haven't seen my printed copy yet, so maybe it is the actual printing of it.

Will I do it again? 

Maybe for features, or something else.

I do like the way it came out, but that's just me, on screen, and doing proofs.

Some of them were just amazing.

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I just bought the issue yesterday in Hobby Hut in Grand Junction, Co. I admire the persistence that led to this issue finally coming out and I am more than happy to finally have another Model Cars magazine in my hands. This contest issue has an overall improvement in quality of pictures, but to be 100% honest, still has ways to go to match the printed quality of the competition. Perhaps not rushing the printing process and obtaining a “ready to print proof” before the actual production could eliminate the problem of submitting really nice pictures and ending up with black cars that were actually green or purple or three models in three different orange shades that came out looking an identical red. 
     My main issue is that this forum is so great, that makes it literally ages ahead of its paper counterpart. There is so much great folk on here, willing to share info, knowledge, experience and tips, that going through an issue with pictures from the beginning of 2017 leaves one asking “what’s the point?” The other issue is the choice of pictures and models. I have a stack of all the contest issues of both mags dating back to late ‘90s. There are amazing models in all of them and some models a true masterpieces. I am not going to comment the personal choice of a modeler bringing the same model to the same show every year for a decade, but publishing the picture of the same model in every issue (sometimes covering it multiple times under different events) is just plain irking. 
     John Teresi’s models are beyond creative and nothing short of inspirational. The guy deserves every bit of recognition he receives. But making a special feature about him (really cool) and then using half the space for the coverage of one of the biggest shows, to show his models again (with the same pictures non the less) instead of other contestants is just poor editing. I did not participate in that show. Nor at any event for over year and a half. So I don’t have a horse in this race. And I really don’t believe that it was done intentionally. I just think it was rushed and I personally, would rather wait two extra weeks for my issue, if it meant it was properly edited and printed. 

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WOW! You guys are right!

Just opened my poly bag with my issue in it.


Something seriously went wrong with the printing of this.

I apologize to everyone for this.

On my proofs, they were fine.

Perfect, in my eyes, but the printed ones. OMG!!!

Some were okay, but the ones, well, most of them, OUCH!

Okay, this one is on me.

Not blaming meds, or anyone else, this is me.

I will see what printer says, because the digital proof was okay also.

From what I remember in doing the mag in Denver, everything could be adjusted when the press was run.

Someone should have seen this.

My bad, and letʻs just say things like this makes me do better.

No one is perfect, and this is just another stumble along this twenty-year path.


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