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1969 Ford Torino Cobra Jet


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I built this model because my neighbor had one when I was in Jr. High. His was orange and had chrome reverse wheels with chrome baby moon hubcaps. Later on he added a 69 Mustang hood scoop with with 351 callouts.

It is basically a box stock build with a few minor mods. I built the streetmachine version with the two 4bbls and the chrome headers. The chassis has very roomy rear wheel wells so i opted to clearance them wee bit more for wider rubber. I widened the stock GT rims by adding chrome rings.

The decal set is from Keith Marks and includes the rear tail panel grid, the hood scoop air inlet and all the Cobra callouts. The BMF on the front edge of the hood and the trunk lid was quite challenging as I had to cut them freehand. The side marker lights are Ultra-fine Sharpie on BMF. The whole body has been sealed with Future floor wax.

LF complete.jpg

LR complete.jpg

Engine compartment RF.jpg


RF complete.jpg

AMT 1969 Ford Torino.jpg

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Great looking build. I like the paint finish and the color. The body trim is very cleanly done as well. I always liked the look of this 1:1 car with the fastback body style I just don't remember seeing all that many on the street at that time since most were either hardtops or sedans. Thar Mustang Hood Scoop became very popular on many non Ford products also. 

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