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1969 ZL-1 427 Camaro Rally Sport (Pro touring)


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1969 Rally Sport Camaros are one of my favorite cars and black and gold is my favorite color combination. I started with a Revell Z28 Camaro RS kit. As you know, a Z28 is a 302 small block and a ZL-1 is a 427 big block. I got the big block from an AMT 68 El Camino kit. For something different I used the Electronic Fuel Injection option from a 70 Chevelle SS kit. The gold SS stripes made by Keith Marks. http://public.fotki.com/mofobow/

During final assembly I found the hood would not close. I had to trim the motor mounts to set the engine a little lower, shave the throttle bodies and the EFI engine cover but even all of that was not enough. I then took a Dremel to the underside of the hood which was already painted and decaled. I ground down as much as I dared, and fortunately it was just enough. I got the Fujimi wheels & tires from ebay as I wanted the Pro-touring look. Wire wheels were not my first choice but it was the best I could do to get the 285/40 and 345/35 tires.

In order to fit these wide tires, chassis modifications were necessary. First I cut away the inner fender wells in preparation for mini-tubbing. I used the rear wheel tubs hacked from a 71 GTX chassis I had left over from an eBay lot purchase. The stock leaf spring suspended axle could no longer work so I snagged the ladder bar rear from a 72 Nova kit.

The front suspension and inner fender wells required serious grinding and trimming as well. Since the wheels were open enough, I added disc brake rotors from my parts bin.

Other details include filling four of the rectangles in the grille for the ZL-1 emblem decal, adding back up lights from the parts bin, and meticulously painting the hidden headlight frames.

Overall I am quite pleased with the result. If I had to do it over, I would NOT have used Testors clear coat over Keith’s decals. They wrinkled a bit due to some kind of reaction.


307 autobalanced.jpg



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Beautiful looking Camaro. I wouldn't normally care for the Gold Wheel treatment, but it is perfect with the models color scheme. I like the deep set wheels and rubber band tires. The body trim looks great also. The head light doors especially.      

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On 5/19/2020 at 7:11 AM, slusher said:

Great looking Camaro!


On 5/25/2020 at 7:44 AM, Mattilacken said:

Killer Camaro! Stance is great! Even dig the gold combo! Not common on Camaro but suits any TA. Great work! Some out door pictures many? 

Carl and Anton, Thank you. I may do a little "SnakeFu" on it and reshoot some pics once my diorama is done.

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