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1969 Chevelle and tandem axle race car trailer.


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This Chevelle was built specifically for a themed model contest. The subject was 'Race Cars Past and Present'. I did not have any race cars built to show so, I made this one. It has a resin "Outlaw" cowl induction hood on a basic AMT body. The "502" hood emblems are photoetch items. I didn't go all the way and put in a roll cage but I did install a fire extinguisher on the console and relocated the battery to the trunk. I built a big block Chevy and selected the induction system based on it fitting under the hood. Normally, real race cars have a single 4bbl but, I wanted some flash thus the Weber setup. The chrome on all four wheels were messed up so I stripped them and painted them with rattle can chrome. The rear rims were opened up to fully highlight the spokes. The slicks were fitted by slightly clearancing the frame rails. I did scratch build the distributor and wires.

Chevelle on trailer.JPG

Trailer LF.JPG

Trailer LR.JPG

Trailer teaser.JPG

SS 502 Chevelle LF.jpg

SS 502 Chevelle RR.jpg

Models 025cb.jpg

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1 hour ago, alexis said:

I really like the trailer.

The trailer was my first build after a year away from the hobby due to a move, I decided to start back up with something easy. I cannot remember where I got this kit but it has always been homeless and loose in its sealed bag. It is supposed to have the typical racing tire carrier up high on the front but I wanted to represent a more conventional trailer. I made the 'tool box' and tongue deck from parts box pieces. I didn't like the stock rims so I selected the chrome directionals as I had enough to add a spare.

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