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Revell Land Rover 109" Station wagon

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Revell Land Rover tyres are really superb, although there's no sidewall markings,which is pretty normal these days, the way they've molded them means there's no mold line around the middle of the tread, the centre webbing is easy to cut out using a set of sharp sprue cutters, the wheels simply pop in.








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Back to the Land Rover, from windshield frame first painted body colour, clearcoated and then the main frame was covered in aluminium Bare Metal foil, the inner rubber seals were picked out with Tamiya XF-85, Rubber black, the fresh air intake grille panel lines were picked out by using Tamiya black panel line accent color, using a 2/0 brush, i find the brush supplied in the lid to be way too wide.



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I actually think my brush painting is getting better, not long ago I would have masked up the bodyshell to airbrush the black for the window seals, I decided to brush paint them instead, using Tamiya Rubber black acrylic (XF-85), the bonnet catch was picked out using Tamiya Titanium Gold, the front window was just dry fitted in place. 





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1 hour ago, slusher said:

Headlight buckets look like there is a bulb in it...

Molotow liquid chrome for the buckets, followed by a little Tamiya clear yellow to pick out the bulb, just makes it look a little more realistic. 

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On 7/4/2020 at 2:00 PM, mrmike said:

Looking good, Geoff!  I think I would have paint the hubs and lugnuts with semi gloss black instead of flat black.  But then, maybe they were flat black after a while in the elements...

The more I looked at them and photos of the 1:1, I decided that you were correct about the hubs needing to be done in satin black, so I've given them a coat of semi matt clearcoat on top of the matt black 



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