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This is my 60 Ranchero from AMT

This is certainly an OLD kit. It might be a new release of it but the mould lines and flash were difficult to handle. Not to mention the A pillar was wonky, needed to reheat and re shape the a pillar and roof stance.

Very limited parts, and not a lot of great detail. For that reason I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on it. But hey I’m still happy with the way it looks, will do nicely in the display cabinet ☺️ Thanks for looking








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This build turned out very nice. I built one of these a couple of years ago, it is not one of AMT's better efforts that's for sure. The engine is supposed to be a big block Chevrolet, just not like any other big blocks you may have built before. The trim all looks nice and the assembly is cleanly done. 

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5 hours ago, junkyardjeff said:

Was that kit ever made with a stock 6 cylinder engine.

No. At first it was a curbside when released in 1961, then same in 1962 as a customizing kit. The hood wasn’t opened until a release much later and that Chevy v8 from the 66 Chevy kit appeared.

Round 2 added the 1960 grille in the latest release

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