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1959 Nash Metropolitan

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Here’s something that I’ve been working on for the last couple of days while waiting for paint to fully dry on a ‘56 Studebaker.
This is a 1959 Nash Metropolitan 1/24 scale diecast by Xonex that I got on EBAY a couple of weeks ago.  It’s a cute little car, but it desperately needed some added details to improve it.  So I took it apart and did the following;
     Gave the grille a blackwash.
     Put some clear yellow on the front turn signals.
     Used Bare Metal Foil around all of the window trim, but used Molotow Chrome on the vent window frames.
     Added an outside mirror and an antenna from my parts stash.
     Put some clear red on the taillight lenses.
     Put Molotow Chrome on the trunk lock and on the passenger side rear gas filler cap.
     Added a small piece of clear plastic round sprue for a backup light on the driver’s side rear.
For the interior I did the following;
     Added a rearview mirror to the headliner.
    Painted the seats and dashboard flat black.
    Added chrome trim pieces to the door panels.
    Used black embossing powder for carpeting.
    Added brake, clutch & gas pedals.
    Added a short length of shirt pin as a shifter lever.
    Used Molotow Chrome to detail the dashboard gauge, buttons, knobs and steering wheel center.
    Filled in the dashboard gauge with clear epoxy to make a lens cover.
This now makes a fine addition to my growing “Class of ‘59” group of cars.  Now back to the Studebaker.
Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah & Happy New Year to you all.








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What a neat little car Rich! I like it!

My Dad once told me that he wanted to buy one of these new just before they quit making them ('62?). Brand new off the dealers lot was something like $1500. He wanted to buy it for my Mom which would have been perfect for her because she was short and of course room for me as I was just a toddler at the time.

The reason he had to turn it down? My Mom could NOT drive a stick (still can't) and they only came with a manual----no automatic available. Oh well..............

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Thank you all very much for your very kind comments.  This was a fun little side project.  These "little" cars are fun to work on.  It'll look nice next to the little Smart Car that I built not too long ago.

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