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Looking at some of the posts on dioramas got me to thinking about and looking through all the odd bits and pieces that ended up in my spares box and will probably never end up on a car build.

Whether it be extras from kits or from conversions. inevitably you end up over the years with just odd parts that you never seem to be able to find a use for.

So now i have been thinking seriously about building a vintage workshop diorama whereby after some refinement many of these parts could be included hanging, stacked and just lying around to create atmosphere with maybe one or two cars in for work to be done.

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My parts box is actually one of the things that made me think i should build a shop diorama!

A couple of engines, a bunch of valve covers, some wheels and tires, a hood or two, etc.


What really did it was a trade for a car that was missing the engine and wheels. i knew about the missing parts, but I liked the subject matter, so as soon as I saw it, the diorama popped into my brain. it's funny, didn't even have a thought about completing the car. Just wanted it to be a parts cars in a display!


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Been there done that!  The diorama in my icon picture has a pile on the side.  Tires that aren't nice, with the generic tread, I sanded down like they were worn out, then Dremel with the saw-like bit, hollowed out the inside, so have a stack that worked great.  Yes, I have a couple of parts boxes too.

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Should build a warehouse and actually set up my spare parts like a real auto parts store. Would make it so much easier to assist in the Wanted section! 

Oh, you need some valve covers for a 426 Hemi? Let me just go check the warehouse. 

And boom. They're on the shelf.


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