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Glue Bomb Rescues?

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On 1/16/2020 at 9:07 AM, Lunajammer said:





This one reminds me of an exact Olds bomb that my friend had acquired from a kit show way back in the 90s. I was jealous he found it first. By the time I bought his collection a few years later, he had sadly tried unsuccessfully to take it apart - all to no avail. 

To this day, I only have a few of the decrepit pieces he had kept and the memories of the one that got away. ?

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I found this one in a Hobby shop, after the owner of the shop bought a collection.  It is the Johan 1960 Plymouth Police Wagon. From the mid 50's to the late 60's, Mass. State Troopers patrolled the Mass Pike in Chrysler wagons, that doubled as ambulances, similar to my Plymouth version here. New bumpers, glass, wheels and tires, to name a few from Modelhaus. A widened and lengthened chassis from the Lindburg A330, which also donated its running gear, engine and tranny. The before and after pics are about 2 years apart, but I tried to stage the "after" pics in the same manner as the "before" ones.


003 (2).JPG


005 (2).JPG


006 (2).JPG


007 (2).JPG




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On 1/19/2020 at 11:43 AM, Rdkingjay said:

003 (2).JPG


Great work on this Jay. A lot of hard work and time paid off. I especially like the interior, but all of it turned out wonderful.


On 1/19/2020 at 12:38 AM, Oldcarfan27 said:


This one reminds me of an exact Olds bomb that my friend had acquired from a kit show way back in the 90s.

Yes, I acquired this one back in the 90's too at the end of a show. It was in a box of glue bombs the vendor was literally throwing away. As a saver, I couldn't bear to see plastic go to the dumpster. I didn't start taking pics of the Toronado until after I'd cleaned up a lot of the glue splotches across the body, so it was worse than the pics show.

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I misspoke earlier, this project was not a glue bomb, the body had been brush painted yellow, and the engine was missing.  I had a 427 left over from a project last century, learned it makes a huge difference when kit-bashing a 1/24 scale engine with a 1/25 scale car!




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How 'bout this one? Someone gave me this busted old '63 Valiant body. That's all I had!


Mated it with the chassis from a junker AMT 71 Duster, and a roof from a '64 Valiant I am building into a convertible to match one I used to own.


And a ton of work and sweat later we have this!   



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