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1/25 MPC 1967 Pontiac GTO

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Started this build a few years ago.  It is the vintage 1/25 MPC Pontiac GTO kit, (molded in Dark Blue), which caused me to paint it in a similar Dark Blue color over a Blue interior.  I built this as a 2-door sedan, (instead of a hardtop), adding posts and rear, side-window glass, and as a circa-1972 car; 5 years old with its second owner who did a few performance upgrades to it.  Interior is flocked, engine compartment has been upgraded with some additional panels and details, chassis has been upgraded with some additional panels and details as well.  I deliberately build this car with a slightly-tall stance to it as my reference pics research for 1:1 '67 GTOs seemed to show that many of them "ride-alittle-high".  Tried to give it the weathering of a 5-year-old daily-driver.  My body paintwork is far-from-good as this is the area where my model-building skills can use the most improvement... still gotta add my driver's side rear-view mirror to call this one complete!

Comments, criticisms and suggestions are all welcome.




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That looks pretty good, engine bay looks realistic,  underside looks realistic, I would however do something with the wheels, some paint or black wash on them, they are the only part of the car that doesn’t look ‘right’. Other than that, it looks great.

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I like your GTO. To me it looks just as you described it. As so many others mentioned, your detailing of the chassis and the engine are very realistic of what you were going for. I don't know why but I like the looks of the post cars although the hardtops were sleek looking for sure. 

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