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Fantasy Smokey Yunick Camaro


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Built this up from the Scott Sharp Rain-X Camaro kit...no real problems with the kit...the decals were pooched, so had a little fun with it. 


Oh ya, I had to grind about a 1/4" off the front of the dash where it meets the inside of the window


Decals camre from Mike's decals.com and are Ace Decals, There are enough on the sheet to do another,...maybe an actual '66 Chevelle next time?


Line O tape supplied the 1/32" red pin stripe tape, but I have some 1/64" on it's way,... so I may replace 


For some reason my Tamiya flat gloss XF 86 dried semi gloss on the tire sidewalls...hmm 

Primer and paints, Duplicolor, cleared with Alclad Aqua Gloss Clear ALC 600 

Always loved the colour combo on his cars..



Oops ....admins if you feel the need to move me to NASCAR ...thats cool

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58 minutes ago, Scott8950 said:

Very nice build! Smokey was a genius, too bad there isn't more car guys like him now.

I think there are, but officials know all the tricks and know where to look.

Another really cool racer Bruce. I love how you bring out all of what the original kit has to offer.

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19 hours ago, Lunajammer said:

Another really cool racer Bruce. I love how you bring out all of what the original kit has to offer.

Thanks for looking in guys?

I like to see how accurate I can get with the existing kit and a bit of paint and found materials... prices of aftermarket accessories are getting out of control??

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Phil, Craig, Dann, Bob, John, Bruce, Thanks for checking in ?

 Ya sometimes it's fun to do a fantasy build,...impossible to rivet count for me....lol

That 1/64" red tape came in with some gold mini #13 decals so I replaced it, I like it better.


Cheers all

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Great job on this one Bruce! I always enjoy seeing “what ifs” because they offer such an imaginative look while still preserving the recognizable origin. This one is such a jewel in presenting an iconic Yunick look, congrats!  Back when I was constructing aircraft I tooled up a Sabre in Canadian low vis camo, as we were still flying T-33s in that scheme. Cheers  Misha

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