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70 Plymouth HEMI GTX 1/25 Scale


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Hello All,

Philippe, Scott, Luke, Wayne, Anton, Craig, Mark: Many thanks for your kind comments for this build, they are very appreciated and keeps me motivated for my current build!!!

Following the good suggestion from an experienced member Dragonhawk1066 I deceided to move this thread in the "Under Glass" category. This make plenty of senses since the car is not WIP but finished. I took a last picture today to create a last post in the hope that it will be linked to the original thread listed in the "Drag Racing Models". I found the hint (I would say) by searching in the "How To Use This Board" so I realy hope it's the right way to do this.

In the future I will post all my others completed models in Under Glass (when I'll be ready to do so).

Cheers, Francis


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Seen this build in the other mags contest cars 2019 , and thought it looked very well built and super detailed from that one photo. Then you posted it on the forum, was totally blown away by how much work you did put into all the detail work.  Impressive skill and craftsmanship.

As mentioned, its one the best 1/25 builds ive ever seen on a forum, scale accurate and very realistic.


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We here in the Great White North have seen many extraordinary builts by Francis over the years, but I, for one, always felt that his masterful work was, alas, a "well kept local secret", and would be deserving of a broader "platform"!. 

I am proud to see that Francis now shares his passion with the participants of a forum that reaches far and away, to many passionnate scale builders. 

In the end, isn't it the point: that we share our passion and stimulate each other to aim higher? 

Fun with styrene (and some other machined parts as well!). 


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Hello fellow members,

I want to thanks you all for visiting my topic.

It seem that this thread don't or can't be linked to the original one (exact same topic name) in the "Drag Racing Models" where all the detailled pictures and informations of the build were initially posted. If one of you (long time members) know if it's doable then don't hesitate to reply to this topic with instructions how to proceed or send me a PM, I will appreciate!!! Again, in the future I will always start the topics for my previous builds in "Under Glass" as it should be.

Peter, Lee, Luke, anders, Bruce: Thank you for the positive comments, really appreciated

Scott: Very happy you have taken the time to precise the information of the actual base kit (I feel you are like the guardian of my topic...?).

Claude: What an ambassador you are! I really feel that I found a friend in your person! We share the same passion for cars (small and big) and I'm honnored to know personnaly the nicest voice of the radio (that's bring a lot a great memories to me with you at the antenna of the "Trafic Lourd" radio program back then)! You're absolutely right, we must all share our tricks with each others, this hobby must survive and all of the persons (and visitors) on this forum is reassuring for the future. Long life to scale model cars building!!!

See the detailled pictures in: Drag Racing Models - 70 Plymouth HEMI GTX 1/25 Scale

Cheers, Francis

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19 hours ago, AmericanMuscleFan said:

Dann: Thanks for the compliment!

Mark: I started few years ago with zero experience.so with practice and small bites at a time you can do it too if you are patient and precise!

Cheers, Francis

I’ll try to keep you posted on my progress. I’m buying the mill in a couple months then I’ll get started!!!  I need to sell a motorcycle first ?!

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