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"Gumball Rally" 427 Cobra CSX3243


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The competition is ramping up for the Cannonball 2020 down in Community builds...check it out...

Cars seen in movies or on T.V. ... There are millions of ideas..

I chose to try and build the Cobra from the movie "The Gumball Rally"..because I had a Sam Feinstein Cobra in the pile. i don't think there is too much difference between the two, but,,...I'm hoping the experts will jump in on this one. The movie car colour, I believe to be Sapphire blue... a little lighter than Gaurdsman blue....I think


It's a Revell of Germany kit with very vague locating points between the body, interior bucket and chassis..

1982972309_cannonball2020.jpg.8aa62d3d6b17c4ea61538366141a5692.jpg The first thing I did was destroy that end entrance box ...(man those are a pain).. and got to dry fitting and sanding and filling...


I decided early on that I was going to cut out the doors and trunk... the movie car had square cut outs in the hood, so 


This is csx3243 now after a paint job and mechanical restoration...


I bought this set of BF Goodrich radial T/A's from Joseph (Fireball model works) some time ago and  they are almost perfect...the front sidewalls are just a bit too tall for me... still hunting


After trying to grind out the gills, I noticed I had burned right through the exhaust ports on the body so a repair was needed... then I got rid of the gills too ...( don't even ask...) 



Got a start on the engine2020Cannonball.jpg.3fb4f08ef6848f25b7f819bb983d00ca.jpg20200118_135139_HDR.jpg.5f41c13b8773e2ccf330f040180cb064.jpg

And this is where we sit now....

I have also filed down the windscreen fame, thinned all visible body edges, and sanded about 4 linear miles of tubular frame mould lines... my carpal tunnel is plugged 

More to come as it happens...

Please Q+ C +C's welcome



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That film is ikonic! I loved watching the Cobra and Daytona fight it out.

Good work on opening those doors. The hinges always pose a challange to me, so I'll be watching your take on it with interest. Nice work on the side grills too - they're much better now!

Agreed - all Revell of Germany side entry boxes are the work of the devil.

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Pulling up a chair!  This is one of my favorite movies, the Ferrari Daytona is my first choice, but this Cobra was way cool.  The scene of leaving NYC with the engine sounds is legendary.  The total skipping of the Great Plains is funny, picked up the story in my town of Prescott, or somewhere Arizona.  Of course driving the concrete jungle of LA, looking over the fence, co-pilot 'yea go there'.  Cannonball Runs were good too, super funny with Dom and Burt, but this was like the first Star Wars.  Good luck finding the movie online, a computer nerd friend found it hosted in Asia on an obscure website.

I have the Revell kit, so will look forward to watching what you do.

Gumball Rally.jpg

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 Sonny, JC, Kurt, Dann, I hear you about the movie, one of my Favorites, saw it with my buddies in the theatre when it came out ..a blast

Yep I would take the Cobra over the Ferrari too .. just based on the price of replacement parts ..lol

I got a bit more work done on fitting the body, chassis, interior tub,...

There were no locators for the tub, so installed one


And had to grind out some tub bottom to allow the frame to sit properly


Went to my local Canadian Tire to peruse the Duplicolor selection,...


This is Ford colour medium blue metallic CBFM0382,...very close, but in person...looks like it would be great on a Meyers Manx.... little too much ;)

This is the only engine shot of the Cobra in the actual film...looks like they used the large oval air cleaner on a single 4bbl carb. ...so that's what I'll do....

Image result for gumball rally cobra engine



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  • 1 month later...

After spending too much time trying to find non existant new tires for this build, I decided to go ahead and use the kit wheels and tires,...



I think they are just fine,...sometimes I sabatoge a build by searching (obsessively) for uneeded bits and bobs....

The wheels got stripped with Easy Off,..Alclad chrome for lexan, and hand painted Testors flat aluminum inners...

The tires got Gofer decals 'Goodyear' decals and Testors Dullcote spray.

Now on to those hinges...

 All Q,C+C's welcome


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13 hours ago, catpack68 said:

Nice work so far! I was wondering if this kit has the full windshield included and is this the same kit as the street burner kit?

Yes, a full windshield came in the kit, and yes I believe it is the same kit ..but boxed by Revell of Germany

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Thanks Dann

On 3/18/2020 at 3:30 PM, Dann Tier said:

This Beast is looking SICK, bud!!!!!

I got a bit more done.. hinged the trunk,


Trying a trick I learned here somewhen ago... drilled out the gauge faces, and marked on styrene where the decals go,...



decal the styrene, cut a piece of clear package material, glue it all up with canopy cement


Getting some engine work done... and had to dry fit to make sure everything is cooperating...


My Cannonball entries always get a figure or two,..


Happy Covid-19 modelling everyone,..stay safe !


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On 3/25/2020 at 10:15 AM, Dann Tier said:

Like i thought; this just gets Better every time i see it!!!!....Great technique for those guages!!!

Thanks Dann..here they are, done..


The kit rad is pretty plain, so I found some spare parts fans,..think they came out of a Fujimi kit



Aluminum tubing, wire ,and bmf wire straps..

Stay clean and safe everyone..



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I shifted to the engine and transmission..        ?

Made up a set of alternator brackets, and wired the distributor..




After much humming and hawing, I was finally able to get to the door hinges.. 


I think this is what Kurt Womack calls a two way or double acting wire hinge.... I think it will work..just need to cut out some interior panels under the dash..

And of course I'm just about done it...so wish me luck


Rolling chassis,


and body to the paint shop tonight....?


Stay safe and clean everyone .. Cheers


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